13. September 2015
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No Man Ever Steps in the Same River Twice or a Return to the Company is Never Easy …

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Jana Škardová worked in E-Consulting Czech between 2007-2009. Now she has decided to come back to us again. It is clear to everyone that it is not an easy decision and that it calls for a great deal of courage and determination. That´s  why we have decided to ask Jana a few questions  since her story is not boring at all …

Jana, why did you decide to leave E-Consulting a few years ago?

Although it does not seem like that at first sight, there is no easy answer to that question. I didn´t have any clear reason which would lead me to the situation where I would tell myself: ” Well, I am finishing here and now.” It was more a coincidence. E – Consulting was my first employer  and I was studying at the university at the same time. It was quite difficult for me and it was not easy to combine it all. The second factor was a previous situation in E-Consulting – the company was being transformed and was seeking for a certain form of stabilization.. A lot of employees were leaving and I felt I was doing the right thing. And last but not least,  a very important fact was that it was my first job. A person tends to discover new things.

How did your career develop further?

During the course of 6 years I changed 3 jobs. My further working experience was, more or less, disillusion. I found out that many things, which I took for granted in E-Consulting, were not common in other companies.

For instance what?

The way of planning work. As early as that I was used to weekly planning in E-Consulting and I considered it common and natural. Unfortunately, I found out that somewhere else work is often done ad hoc. It relates to  setting communication with a client and planning employees´ training. I regret to say that even though nearly every company declares their benefit  of a possibility of growing to their employees, it is often empty talk. I had a goal – to become a senior accountant, however despite my attempt to educate myself hard and systematically, I did not succeed. The reason was simple – there was no interest in increasing the number of seniors.

 What made you think you would like to come back to E-Consulting?

As I have already said, I changed 3 jobs and I always started a new job with high expectations. Unfortunately, none of these jobs fulfilled my expectations – mostly because of the impossibility to move further. When I needed to learn about any legislative news, paradoxically I went to E-Consulting web, where I usually found what I needed. Thanks to that I was in fact in touch with the changes and development of E-Consulting. I liked that and I realized that in E-Consulting the way “assistant – junior – senior” is open and real for everyone who proves to possess appropriate knowledge and skills.

What  positives did you take from those 6 years?

First and foremost the knowledge that nothing is only positive and it always has its pros and cons. It is also important to realize what a person wants to do in his/her life, what he/she wants to achieve and what makes him/her happy. For me, personally, it was good to realize that a specialization is important. At one time I wanted to do both accounting and payroll and be more universal. However, I realized it was not the right way. I learned it was better to be a specialist in one field.

How difficult was it to come back to E-Consulting?

My advantage was that a few years ago I parted with the company in a good way, but still it is not easy to decide to pick up a phone and say that I would like to come back. What helped me was the fact that I could call Gábina Karásková, a workmate I cooperated with while being in E-Consulting, and a discovery that a company is interested in my coming back. But nothing is for free. I had to go through a standard process of checking my professional knowledge the same way as any other applicant and since I succeeded, I feel the honour to be back.

Jana, what is your impression of E-Consulting after those years?

A company, which accentuates using the latest technology and which changed their planning from a weekly basis to a daily one. A big contrast can be seen while comparing it with the times when I was leaving – nowadays the work team is significantly bigger and mainly more stabilized. Thanks to that even a profound system of mutual substitutability has been working. However, what is still valid is that “No Man Ever Steps in the Same River Twice”, which is very good since E-Consulting has moved further over those years and I am looking forward to new work and new challenges which I expect here, including my interest in becoming a senior accountant fast.




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